Thursday, October 14, 2010

Aussies don´t want to recommend products and brands no more

Not even half of Aussie consumers would recommend a brand to a friend, according to The APAC Consumer Experience Marketing Study, by Epsilon.
For brands this is a shame, since recommendations from friends, family and product reviews were according to the study the most influential sources of information to consumers when making a purchase decision.
Marketing through friends is efficient when reaching customers, but it seems like the reason this channel is not working is that people don´t think the products they have bought are worth recommending. When asked about the top 20 Australian retailers (by annualised revenue) only 35% of customers were very satisfied with their purchase.
Why is this? I would like to have known whether this is because of the product itself or because of the way a person is treated in the shop or after the purchase. Where in the process are the large brands failing? Where does the valuable ambassador for the brand – the person who has actually bought something – feel unsatisfied?
Also, how eager are people to anti-market...? If they are unhappy with a brand - will they tell their mates? Word of mouth is powerful!
Brands can keep on hunting for new consumers and target groups, but the better way to make long term profit is to keep those you´ve already got happy. Like in a marriage… Why search new dates all the time when you can get true quality love at home if you just understand your spouse?
Other findings: Brand websites were amongst the most popular place for Australian consumers to gather information and email was the most preferred channel for receiving information.

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