Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Emotional and physical health will get the money rolling in

I believe more businesses in the future will see the benefits of "softer" values to create business success. Wellness programs and counselling is of course a nice perk for staff, but is not the main reason for why companies will pay for it. Emotional, physical health is just as crucial for productivity, creativity and leadership skills as an MBA is, to get the money rolling in.

For example, at PepsiCo, those executives identified as emotionally intelligent generated 10 percent more productivity and added nearly $4 million in economic value, according to a new report from the American consulting group Glowan.

Graham Turner, founder and chief executive at Australian Flight Centre (see pic), employs a team of 10-15 health specialists to provide assessments of the 6500 staff across Australia. Turner thinks the staff appreciate it but stresses that FC does it not just because it looks good and makes the staff happier, but because he honestly believes in the correlation between fit and healthy staff and the company´s financial results.

"We believe that people who are fit and are satisfied with their exercise and nutrition regime are going to be people who are more valuable to the organisation. It´s not just about looking after our people,. It´s about looking after the company as well." (quote from BRW)

Caring for your staff is good for your brand too; it´s about investing in your most valuable tool to success.
Creating a healthy work environment that is reflected in the books is about dealing with conflicts, dramas and other unhealthiness in a professional way - coaching, counselling, training - to avoid  further sick days and raise emotional intelligence and fitness.

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