Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Art, colours, hawaii - are smiles back in style?

The fashion scene is getting ready for Summer, this year dressing up in Hawaii style shirts, bold colours and artistic patterns inspired by floaty Monet style paintings. When one of the coolest guys here in my hood walked in wearing a Hawaii shirt yesterday it was obvious that the culture is changing - we are getting ready to play.

A few years ago Bratz dolls replaced Barbie as a favourite for young girls, since the kids no longer wanted the smiling role model but rather wanted to identify themselves with a pouting "cool" doll. To smile has been seen as quite nerdy for a while; it is considered high status to look unconcerned in a corner, and a bit wicked to jump around in joy. Rappers, hip hop artist and rockstars strike an aggressive pose and smiling was something they did in the 80´s. When I needed pictures of big smiles I looked through the magazines I had at home, but no luck... No one is showing their teeth anymore. To cheesy, I assume.

But a playful childish mood on the runways is perhaps a sign of change. Are smiles back in fashion? Can the orange, red, blue and yellow in the shops be a signal? Let´s hope so. I like a good smile, and I believe the grumpy trend is the base for the huge increase in depression. A smile will set you free...  

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