Monday, August 30, 2010

Blue is the new green

After the millenium there was crs, corporate social responsibility, then after Al Gore´s film, there was a period of caring for climate changes. But after red and green season, I predict we will see how companies care more about the colour blue, of people feeling sad.

Depression and lack of joy is a huge health problem, which will spread to the corporate budgets if management are not more concerned about the well being of their staff. A motiovational speaker at a conference every six months won´t cheer people up. I believe there will be a need at looking at the soft issues at workplaces, making sure people are happy and feeling useful and valued. There will be more carrots than sticks.

According to a report from Society of Knowledge Economics, around 80% of people in Australian workplaces are not “fully engaged at work”. The study (from Gallup) goes on to say this has a substantial impact on national productivity, costing businesses over $33 billion a year.

Few will feel motivated by fear and managers yelling at them to work harder. People who feel valued will be fully engaged, since most of us want to be seen and acknowledged. Research from University of Toronto show that actors who win an Oscar live longer than others, showing how important recognition is... How will companies care for their staff´s inner health in the future?

More about Society for Knowledge Economics:

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  1. Interesting. I think more companies should care about their staff.


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