Thursday, February 2, 2012

Use consumer experiences as ads to win people´s hearts

I love when brands go further than telling us how fabulous they are... I love when they actually show how people use their products and what it means to them. Good advertising strategy will suggest ways to let the consumer shine, not the producer. It´s not about the shop or the product, it´s about what it awakens within people and enriches their lives. In a real way. Sometimes brands try to trick us into buying by pretending their products will give us what we want, as in the case of LÓreal ads, trying to make me believe my skin will become smooth as that of a photoshopped actress... Even if more and more brands are realising that insights on consumers and their relationships with brands is becoming more crucial and will lead them to more successful marketing than shouting out facts about the brand, most ads are still about the products. Nowadays, it´s not just about telling us about benefits though; instead brands try to entertain and wow, making us laugh or awake - a feeling that will be forever attached to the brand that gave us a moment of joy. Think cool beer ads, quirky chocolate ads or innovative experiential. This idea, using a choir for the company´s call centre, is beautiful. But it still has a "Look at me" approach. Not a consumer in sight. Perhaps the next campaign will have consumers singing :) Or simply listening.

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