Friday, February 17, 2012

Men rule at Cannes Lion 2012

I got an email from Cannes Lion this morning, announcing new world class speakers to present on those massive stages in the south of France in June.

Nine new faces were to tell their stories. All of them men. SIGH. What is wrong with this industry? Are only guys doing and thinking things worthy being spread?

I don´t think the decision to let another nine dudes step up in the spotlight is a plot against women; it is simply a consequence of people not considering how limited our thinking is, and how trained we are in seeing men as "better" and how we instinctively judge individuals based on what box we believe they belong in. Our culture supports men, and both men and women are to blame. We all base our opinions on silly things like tone of voice, how tall someone is or what a person is wearing. This is the root to racism and unfair treatments of humans all over the world, all through history. We put each other in boxes and make quick and lazy assumptions based on fluff.

The fact that all nine new speakers are male is not a conspiracy. But intelligent people with understanding of the power of influence and how subconscious feelings steer people into certain directions, without a piece of logic involved, should know better.

Ignorance is bliss. But it´s also ignorant. The Cannes Lion event management team should be smarter than that.

My blog about the gender discussion at last years Cannes Lion:

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