Friday, February 3, 2012

The fluid consumer will connect with the WHY, not the HOW or WHAT

This slideshow is explaining what we already know - that the consumer is King today and brands need to step up - but it explains this in a pretty way, and I´m a sucker for beautiful presentations :)Connecting with the Fluid Consumer: iStrategy 2012
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The thoughts around how brands today need to attract certain target groups with a stronger, more focused message towards them, brings my mind to The Golden Circle by Simon Sinek. I´ve posted his TED talk here before so now I give you a slide show.

It is definitely getting more important to find and speak from a core. Brands need a mission, a purpose, a heart. They will attract consumers when they know what they deep down wish to give the people they serve.
Connected with this message are also these videos. Watch and love:

So please adland... Drop the egos and this kind of behaviour:

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