Sunday, July 8, 2012

Let people work for samples! Great campaign from Fantastic Delites

This is a really interesting campaign by Fantastic Delites, created by an Adelaide agency. It shows people going through a LOT of effort to get a single trial pack of chips.

 The thought from the marketing department was that once people have tried the snack they usually love it. But the true power of the campaign lies in the fact that we appreciate more what we have had to work hard for... When people have put effort into receiving a present, they are more likely to see its amazing value.

 Plus, we love being entertained. Actually, life is like a massive networking event, and everyone knows how awkward it can be to mingle - the small talk, the stepping on toes, the meaningless and nervewrecking chats with strangers... And what breaks the ice better than a piece of entertainment. Let people focus on something else than themselves, and boring questions like "what do you work with", and let them laugh together, and you have forever placed your brand in their heart.

Compare this with the desperate feel of people simply handing out samples to anyone during rush hour. Am I the only one who get the feeling that those items are kind of cheap...?

 This is a very long film, but have a look at it. The hard work will make you feel better :) 

Read about the campaign:

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