Saturday, July 28, 2012

Adidas and Nike - Totally different vibe and target

I met up with a friend once who was wearing Adidas sweatpants on his way to a party. I asked... ehhh, are you going to a party dressed like that? Yeah, he responded. "We are all going to be dressed up as criminals!"   I came to think of this when watching the new Olympics ads from Adidas. They motto is "Take the stage" and it´s all "come on you can become famous too":


This vibe attracts those who look for stardom in life, and we all know that those who do deep down just want to be loved... Many unhappy people will be attracted to the message.

 The difference between the competing brand Nike is enormous. Nike market itself as the shoe for health, for everyday fitness. It´s not about being a sportstar to get chicks and become a billionaire. It´s more a matter of challenging yourself everyday. They say "Greatness is for all of us"


This is a clear example of how a brand can differ depending on what target audience they choose, and not in terms of demographics or gender, but in terms of aspirations and personality.

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