Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cadbury is the most enjoyed food brand in Uk. Food???

This morning Marketing Week reports that Cadbury tops list of UK’s favourite food brands, closely followed by Seriously Strong Cheddar.

2,400 UK consumers were asked to a pick a product they had consumed over the past four weeks and then rate them out of ten according to how enjoyable they were. This is the top list: 

Cadbury Dairy Milk - 8.51
Seriously Strong Cheddar - 8.51
Lurpak - 8.47
Ben & Jerry’s ice cream - 8.43
Galaxy chocolate - 8.26
Cathedral City - 8.38
Soreen Malt Loaf- 8.33
Dorset Cereals - 8.24
Innocent Smoothies - 8.27
Cadbury’s Twirl - 8.27
Häagen-Daz - 8.26
Seabrook Crisps - 7.94


I think this research finding explains this development (combined with the fact that we like our TV´s of course):  

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