Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Smokers kill their friends - beautiful ads

This bunch of ads are amazing. And they point out a "new" problem. Smokers don´t just kill themselves, but also their friends!! 

I really can´t understand smoking in public is allowed and accepted, considering how disgusting it is when you sit at an outdoors café and get the dirty fumes all over you ... I hope this ad will work, but I´m not sure. We know smokers are a tough bunch, as are all people who are addicted. They will probably think it looks pretty and go out to admire their own smoke creations :) 

From The Inspiration RoomThe Lung Cancer Foundation of America reminds us that 60 percent of new lung cancer diagnoses will be in non-smokers, with “The Haze”, a spot developed at Make Visual. A ballet dancer swirls through smoke.

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