Saturday, June 9, 2012

Brands should stop feeling ashamed of taking up space in people´s lives

I love this "ad" :) I found it through Cool Hunter, and it´s created by Access Agency (same people behind both).

It´s surprising how many ads that are traditional and "in the box" (30 seconds on TV or a nice little spot in the newspaper, defined by mmm). Too many agencies work hard on finding slogans, visuals, messages and content that will make us go woooooow, but not enough think like this:

Photo: Nice way to promote a holiday destination by placing a large sticker on a train carriage of a beach.

It´s quirky, different, and emotional. I bet you feel the message, rather than see it. I bet it makes a difference.

The "strangest" ad I´ve seen here in Stockholm the last 2 months is a big banana on a house roof and an outdoors ad where the ad was extended outside the usual format, with pics of groceries hanging out (hard to describe and I can´t find pics online, but DDB Stockholm is the agency).

Most of us have a "no junk" sign on the mail box (mainly to not get too much garbage to carry to the bin and to find the bills in the crowd?) You may think therefore, that ads are unwanted and clingy things that have to force themselves onto us. You may think therefore, that you should be humble, a little bit in the background, trying to manipulate consumers from the sidelines?


Most people live dull lives. Life might be "full" in terms of duties, but most times dull ones. Washing, caring for snotty kids, shopping for gumboots, complaining about the weather, worrying about money, feeling insecure, walking to the bus stop. We are craving entertainment. We would love to be shocked, poked and surprised. Even by an ad.

Ads can be like free amusement parks, a cinema substitute and a joy. When brands step up, get their self esteem back and dare to tickle people, we will adore them back. It´s like those people who just take up space by giving us a huge hug without asking for permission. They don´t stand awkwardly in the background. They shine. So could your brand.

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