Thursday, November 10, 2011

Love this idea: Work out and cinema in one! What health brand will do this first?

Cycle-In Cinema: Take a drive-in movie theatre, replace the cars with bikes, and you have UK educational nonprofit Magnificent Revolution’s Cycle-In Cinema. Attendees simply ride to a screening, hook their wheels up to the on-site generators and start pedaling. All of the electricity needed to project the film comes from the kinetic power created by the riders. To ensure that the noise of pedaling doesn’t interfere with movie dialogue, the audio is disseminated through a wireless transmitter and can be played via a mobile phone or FM radio. Overall, this does seem like a far more entertaining way to marry fitness and content than watching whatever’s on the tube at the gym. (trend spotted by

I love new innovations like this. Take a concept - movies - that normally includes naughty treats and guilt, and turn it around to become a way to make exercise more fun. Why has nobody thought about this before?

Another brilliant new campaign is Subways´ "Keep up the good work". Solid strategy and insights on how it feels to be a human being today, getting drawn in all sorts of tempting directions by fast-food chains, chocolate sales, cozy bars... Instead of saying "our sandwiches are healthy, fatfree or have x calories", the headline "Keep up the good work". It puts the light on the consumer, instead of the product. It rewards, instead of adding a "must". It signals joy instead of burdens.

Most campaigns about health are judgmental, aren´t they? There seems to be a lack of understanding of why people choose to eat rubbish food and drink wine. I believe people who work with health - personal trainers, nutritionists or cancer doctors - are so into their own fitness they have forgot how it is to be normal. To them it´s gross to eat chocolate almonds as a replacement for dinner. To them it´s awful to be hungover on a Wednesday morning, not being up to CARPE DIEM. It´s a little black and white... 

Subway AustraliaMost people do a little of both. Some mornings you go for a jog and feel like entering City to Surf. Some days you pig out and all those fat free products stare you in the face, judging you. 

I believe the wrong people market most health products. The people starting a weight loss program are not the once who needs it. Those paying for an anti-drug advertising or marketing campaign are not the users. Girls working in botox salons are most times 22 and think they are immune against wrinkles. 

They will never understand. 

When you wish to change a behaviour as complex as addictions - mental or physical - you have to step out of your own logic. Into theirs. Into what they don´t even know about themselves. That´s where you find the eureka moment that will lead to a campaign that touches the heart.

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