Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ipad + toys = play mat - SO COOL

Digital is not just digital anymore. The real world and the one in our favourite "tech pets" are meeting. Tangible meets intangible.

Here is one lovely example:

Disney AppMATes: The iPad becomes an interactive play mat when paired with this line of sensor-enabled toys and related apps. Disney has just released the first AppMATe, a Cars-themed app equipped with races, games, and scenic roads for aimless discovery. While the app itself is free, the miniature toy cars required for play cost $20 per two-pack. The iPad recognizes each distinct car as a player “drives” it along the screen, triggering unique narratives and unlocking new features for each character. As far as driving apps go, it’s certainly more fun than those available to grown-ups, and it’s not hard to imagine a multitude of other Disney-themed versions. 

News found at trendcentral.comhttp://www.trendcentral.com/

Human beings are made to sense - not just to see. We can hear, smell, taste and feel and we are meant to. Our hearts pick up information just as our brains do, and when we are left to interpret the world simply through what we see and to some extent hear, we are missing out on something.

When people speak about information overload, I think it is more about information "over scewed". Our subconscious is not getting the data it needs to understand the world, when it´s simply fed with pictures and words. If you really want to build a bond with your market, step out of the computer, ipad, iphone - and touch them as feeling human beings. A digital strategy is fine, as long as it´s matched with an off-line one. You will be rewarded...

I love how the famous digital game Angry Birds is brought to life by T-mobile.

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