Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Second hand shopping get styled by new app - Instagram meets Gumtree

For several years we have seen houses being styled into perfection just before going on the market. A flat that looks dull is quickly transformed by new white cushions and a vase full of lilies, perhaps a bowl of limes and a smell of cinnamon.

We all know the real estate agents are faking it, and that the apartments will look just as dull the minute the kids toys are spread around the house and the flowers have died. But still... we love beauty, and we love the feeling of possibility - of potential glory.

This is why a new app for second hand sales - think Gumtree - that combines sales with the power of filters like the once at Instagram, is making purchasing old stuff more glam! The new Swedish app Osom presents your used old bikes and lamps in an appealing way, as if they were art objects, and this will lure the eye, the brain and the common sense.

I find shopping online boring since the objects are presented against a sterile white background, without the holistic touch of senses you get in a normal shop, and upon that you will pick the item up in a beige box at the dreadful post office! But with this kind of app, screen shopping will get more interesting. I will fore sure love the product more,  having got the first impression of it in an emotionally attractive setting. What about you?

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