Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Can I have a pizza and that blue table please?

Springwise reported in their latest newsletter about a pop-up restaurant in Netherlands that is not just letting diners choose the dish, but also the furniture, the table cloth and the decoration. Interesting how bored we all must be to need all these odd little unnecessary enjoyments to make life a little richer. I guess deep down the pleasures from love, a dip in the sea or a hug will be what really counts, but in a society hungry for multiple impressions, we need more, more, more. Cool idea for sure :)
Created by Oatmeal Studio, the cafĂ© was erected as part of last year’s Nordic Film Festival and aimed to make the experience of eating out more customizable for diners. Upon arriving, customers filled out their preferred furnishings – and meal choice – in pencil onto a paper slip, much like the process found in the Ikea store. As well as selecting from a range of tables, chairs and decorations, diners could cut their own tablecloth from wallpaper hanging from the walls. The space invited those using it to personalize it according to their tastes, providing a more engaging experience for diners, as well as doubling as a showroom for Ikea – despite the company not being officially involved in the project.
While the festival is now over, the IkHa restaurant is still available to hire. How else can others in the hospitality industry offer customers a greater role in designing the spaces they use?"

Oh, and the cute pic is just to cheer you up :) 

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