Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Coke keeps celebrating happiness - now on an Instagram look-alike

Psfk reports today about Coca-Cola´s new photo site, filled with pictures of Happiness.

It´s so simple but yet so clever how Coke keeps repeating its love for "happiness" and sticks to the value, the message, the theme. It makes all communication attempts line up nicely and strong. In the eyes of people its clear and consistent, making people trust the brand. Repetition is the key, and even if a marketer gets bored of a certain message or way of doing things, it´s important to understand that the consumer meets a LOT of messages and brands every minute, and will need some time to pick up your marketing idea. Dare to stay focused, dare to keep still.

Coca-Cola is planning to launch a new photo-sharing service called ‘Happy Places‘, and has released a free iPhone app that shows what it will be like. The app, which looks similar to Instagram, lets users take photos and share them with their social networks. It focuses on what makes people happy, letting them search by relevant hashtags such as #music, #beautiful, and #joy.
Coca-Cola Launches Instagram Competitor
Your day, your friends, your trips, your music… your life is full of happy moments worth storing and sharing. Happy Places by Coca-Cola is that place where you can upload photos of your happy moments, share them, and remember them any time you want. Take a picture or pick one from your albums, add it to your profile, and share that moment of happiness with your followers in Happy Places, or your friends in Facebook or Twitter.
Popsop reports that the app lets Coca-Cola fans create a profile, browse photos, and get notifications on new photos added in their interests. Users can also create their happy moments offline and then upload them when they have a wi-fi or 3G connection.

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