Friday, May 18, 2012

We trust nurses but NOT car salesmen!

A new study from Roy Morgan Australia shows that a large majority, 90% of Australians rate Nurses as the most ethical and honest profession — the 18th year in a row since Nurses were first included on the survey in 1994.

Other professions that also gained high ratings for ethics and honesty in 2012, including Pharmacists (88%, up 1%), Doctors (83%, down 4%), School Teachers (76%, unchanged), Dentists (75%, down 1%), Engineers (70%, down 1%), High Court Judges (70%, down 5%), State Supreme Court Judges (69%, down 6%) and Police (69%, unchanged). 

Ministers of Religion (43%, down 8%) recorded their lowest ever rating for ethics and honesty since being included on the survey in 1996.

The lowest ranked profession is once again Car Salesmen (2%, down 1%) — a position they have held for over 30 years. The next lowest were Advertising people (8%, up 3%) and Real Estate Agents (9%, up 2%).

Other Professions to record a fall included Public opinion pollsters (28%, down 6%), Bank Managers (37%, down 3%), Lawyers (30%, down 8%) and Directors of Public Companies (20%, down 4%).

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